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Protecting your business from scrap metal theft

It looks like metal theft is on the rise across the UK, with common targets such as copper cables on rail lines seeing a spate of thefts. This is part of a wider issue – the British Metals Recycling Association (BMRA) is calling for the re-establishment of the metal theft task force to deal with […]

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68% of Brits Missing Out on Scrap Metal Money

Metal recycling centre EMR carried out a survey, via YouGov, which showed only 32% of people in the UK are selling their scrap metal to merchants. Although a lot of our scrap metal here at Singleton’s comes from trade and manufacturing, there’s a huge opportunity for more members of the public to earn some extra […]

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Why Do Scrap Metal Prices Change?

All scrap metal dealers will offer different prices for your scrap metal, as the price isn’t set in stone. Some days you might come away from dropping off a van load with more in your pocket (or on your card, as we can’t pay cash!), but other times you may come away with less – […]

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Copper Cable

Helping the Environment by Recycling Scrap Metal at Home

At Singletons, we play a small-but-essential part in the UK’s recycling industry. Alongside hundreds of other scrap metal dealers, both large and small, we contribute a significant amount to both the UK and EU’s environmental targets. Recycled scrap plays a major role in copper, aluminium, steel and stainless steel production. Stats from the British Metals Recycling […]

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Scrap Heap

How to Sell Scrap Metal Legally

Do you need a license to buy scrap metal? When can you sell scrap metal legally? Find out the rules for selling scrap. Selling scrap metal can earn you good money, so it’s no surprise that people are very eager to cash in. It’s probably even less surprising that some are willing to bend the law […]

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