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What is the most valuable metal?

What is a precious metal? The term ‘precious metals’ simply describes high value pure metals. Although these chemical elements are naturally occurring, they’re typically quite rare. They also have shared qualities that increase their value. Precious metals are usually quite ductile and less chemically reactive than other metals – properties that make them useful for […]

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Tipping scrap metal out of skip

How to arrange a skip for scrap metal collection

Thinking of selling your scrap metal but don’t have the means to transport it yourself? Organising a skip for collection can be a great solution. Find a service that will deliver a skip or container to you so you can fill it at your convenience and then remove it for you. Remember that recycling your […]

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Money and cards in wallet

Why Do Scrap Metal Prices Change?

All scrap metal dealers will offer different prices for your scrap metal, as the price isn’t set in stone. Some days you might come away from dropping off a van load with more in your pocket (or on your card, as we can’t pay cash!), but other times you may come away with less – […]

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Plumbing Pipe

Top Five Questions We Get Asked By Plumbers

Plumbers, handymen and tradespeople all come across plenty of scrap metal in their line of work, and we’re sure that if you’re reading this, you’re no different! Often, people who are new to the trade aren’t sure what they can and can’t do when it comes to the scrap metal left over after a job, […]

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Scrap Cars - Singletons

How To Scrap A Car

Some of us have a habit of hanging onto our old cars for far too long – and when it’s finally time to give up on your old motor and buy a new one, it’s far too late to sell it on to someone else. You may be able to find a certain website that […]

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