Do You Want to Scrap Your Car for Cash?

It’s a lot easier than you might think to sell an old car for scrap. But you should never sell it for cash! Why? Well, selling scrap metal of any kind for cash is illegal, and has been since 2013 – so even if you’ve done it in the past, you shouldn’t do it again.

Most scrap metal dealers won’t accept cash anymore – and the ones that do are breaking the law.

However, this doesn’t mean you’ll have to wait ages for a cheque to clear if you’re trying to earn cash in a hurry.

We pay for scrap metal instantly, and that includes cars. Electronic payments will be in your bank account within a couple of hours.

You can also register for a Tuxedo card for a transfer of funds that can be spent immediately – it’s the closest we can get to paying in cash!

If you don’t have a Tuxedo card, just bring a photo ID and a utility bill from the last three months along with your car, and we can register you for one on the spot.

The only other thing you’ll need to bring is the car’s registration document (the V5 log book), which we’ll use to notify the DVLA that the car has been destroyed.


When should you scrap your car?

It’s hard to say when you should finally call it a day and scrap your old car rather than fixing it up after a breakdown, but it’s usually if your car has serious signs of structural or mechanical wear and tear that go beyond the usual replacement parts.

If you’ve struggled to sell it on and the cost of upkeep is getting too high and starting to outweigh the cost of buying new, then selling it for scrap is a great option.

Get in touch with us today if you have any questions – we’ll do everything we can to help.

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