How to arrange a skip for scrap metal collection

Thinking of selling your scrap metal but don’t have the means to transport it yourself? Organising a skip for collection can be a great solution. Find a service that will deliver a skip or container to you so you can fill it at your convenience and then remove it for you.

Remember that recycling your scrap metal is great for the environment, so if you’re a company wanting to meet your environmental obligations, recycling your scrap metal using a skip collection service is a great choice. If you’re managing a construction site project, don’t forget that organising an industrial collection service (like we offer at Singleton’s) is also much more cost effective for your construction site.


Step 1 – Find a skip provider and arrange a skip delivery at your convenience

Have a look online for skip and container services in your local area and choose one that meets your needs. You’ll usually be able to choose from a selection of skip and container sizes so have a think about how much space you need for all your scrap.

When you’ve found a service that you’re happy with and decided what size of container is required, you’ll be able to arrange a date and time for your skip to be delivered to you.

Step 2 – Fill your skip and arrange for a collection

Once your skip or container has arrived, you can begin to fill it. Take care to do so safely; scrap metal can be heavy so make sure you’re using good handling techniques for lifting by following the government guidance for manual handling.

Step 3 – Have your skip collected and reap the rewards

Once you’ve filled your container and had it collected, your scrap will be valued, and you’ll receive payment – it’s as easy as that! Here at Singleton’s, we offer a straightforward electronic payment system, so you get paid as quickly as possible.

As we know, scrap metal markets have improved since August this year – so there’s no time like the present to cash in on any scrap metal you have available (especially if it’s enough to fill a skip!) Remember that the scrap metal market fluctuates so it’s best to strike while the iron is hot – or, in this case, while the metal is valuable – in order to get the best deal.


So, you want to arrange a skip or container? Here’s what to do next…

At Singleton’s, we offer commercial solutions for industrial businesses and manufacturers in the Manchester area with a range of scrap metal skip and container sizes to suit your needs. Simply order your skip, fill it, and we’ll handle the rest. If you need regular scrap metal skip collections, we can arrange this for you too!

If you’re looking for domestic solutions – we offer a drive-in service that’s quick and easy. If you’re having a clear out at home, don’t forget to check for valuables before selling your scrap; there could be some hidden gems amongst the scrap, and you don’t want to miss them.

Find out more about our skip services to browse our skip and container options, and contact us today for our latest prices.

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