New Scrap Metal Licence Rules: Complete your tax check from March 2022

Does this affect you?

If you’re a scrap metal collector looking to renew your licence or apply for a new licence from April 2022, you’ll have to complete an online tax check to confirm your tax responsibilities. As well as licences for scrap metal collectors and sites, taxi and private hire licences will now also require a tax check.

The online service to complete your tax check opens on 7th March 2022.

If your licence needs renewing soon, it’s a good idea to do this tax check as soon as possible so you don’t hold up your licence application. Remember – dealing scrap with an expired licence (or without a licence) is a criminal offense with a hefty £5,000 fine.

What to do…

To complete your tax check, you’ll need a Government Gateway user ID to log on. Double check all of your HMRC details are up to date while you’re here. Contact HMRC if any details need changing.

Here’s the info you’ll need:

  • The date your licence started (if you’ve already got one)
  • How long your most recent licence is/was valid for
  • Details about the income tax you pay from your scrap metal trade

Note: The details you give have to match HMRC’s records.

When you’ve completed your tax check, you’ll receive the 9-character tax check code needed to apply for your scrap collector licence. You won’t be able to apply for a licence or renew an existing one without this code.

The code will be valid for 120 days (which is around 4 months), so if your licence needs renewing between April and July 2022, go ahead and complete your tax check from March 7th when the service launches.  If you’re applying for your licence before 4th April 2022, you won’t need a code.

You can learn more about becoming a licenced scrap metal merchant if you’re interested in buying and selling scrap metal.

Register for a Government Gateway ID

Complete your tax check online from March 7th, 2022

Apply for a scrap metal collector licence

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