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Copper Cable

Helping the Environment by Recycling Scrap Metal at Home

At Singletons, we play a small-but-essential part in the UK’s recycling industry. Alongside hundreds of other scrap metal dealers, both large and small, we contribute a significant amount to both the UK and EU’s environmental targets. Recycled scrap plays a major role in copper, aluminium, steel and stainless steel production. Stats from the British Metals Recycling […]

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Scrap metal horse

Working with Scrap Metal Safely

We all love a bit of scrap metal art, and it’s become a really popular style over the years. Creating something intricate and powerful out of recycled scrap seems to just push a lot of the right buttons – and it’s been the form of some high-profile projects. Artists, crafters and makers are using scrap […]

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Plumbing Pipe

Top Five Questions We Get Asked By Plumbers

Plumbers, handymen and tradespeople all come across plenty of scrap metal in their line of work, and we’re sure that if you’re reading this, you’re no different! Often, people who are new to the trade aren’t sure what they can and can’t do when it comes to the scrap metal left over after a job, […]

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Manchester Building Industry Booming

Focus on large-scale construction projects usually falls on the capital, but northern cities like Manchester and Leeds have also seen significant investment and development in building recently. In Manchester, 22 residential projects started construction last year. Manchester Evening News collated a list of the 32 new developments that will change Manchester forever, while new transport links and […]

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Scrappage Scheme

How Will the Diesel Scrappage Scheme Affect Car Owners?

Concerns about air quality have triggered a consultation into how to reduce the UK’s pollution to meet EU regulations. One recommended option was to offer incentives to scrap older diesel cars. How will this happen?   Why have diesel cars have been targeted? Since 1992/3, allowable emissions from vehicles has been steadily reduced under EU […]

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