Recycling Scrap Metal on the Construction Site: Busting the Myths

If you work in construction you will know all too well how quickly scrap metal can accumulate on site. A great deal of time and money can be saved by partnering with a local metal recycler from the start of a project.

In this blog post we’re going to bust some of the myths that might have deterred you from working more closely with your local scrap dealer.


1. It’s not worth trading in scrap metal

Budgets can be tight and you don’t want to spend money or manpower on something that’s unnecessary. That being said, don’t forget that you can trade in your scrap, which could actually open up an additional income stream for your business.

2. It’s quicker to take scrap to the yard yourself

Having to take piles of scrap metal to the yard on a regular basis is a needless use of your time. Here at Singleton’s Scrap Metal in Manchester, we can arrange regular skip deliveries and collection so all you need to do is fill your skip or container as you go along.

3. Scrap metal collection is expensive


Not only is our industrial collection service cost-effective, when you factor in the time it will save you on loading your scrap into a van and making multiple trips to the yard, you could actually save money by arranging regular collections.
What’s more, having a skip or container on site means that you won’t have small accumulations of scrap around the building site, which you eventually have to collect up and sort.

4. You can’t trust scrap metal dealers

The scrap metal industry hasn’t always had the best reputation but, with the industry becoming more well-regulated, it is becoming much easier for you to find a reputable dealer to partner with. Not only are we fully licensed, we will always buy your scrap metal for a fair price!
Now that you’re armed with the facts, if you’re interested in making your recycling process more efficient and potentially generating extra income from your scrap metal then get in touch with us today to find out how we can help.
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