New Scrap Metal Licence Rules: What are the changes from April 2022?

For anyone applying for a scrap metal collector licence, the government rules are changing from 4 April 2022. You will be required to fill out a tax check that will give you a 9-character code for your application form.

The changes will affect you if you are applying on or after 04/04/22, and this will include if you are renewing an existing licence, or if you’re applying for the same licence that you’ve held either in the past or that you hold with another authority.

This is a tax check to verify the tax you’ll be paying on income from your scrap metal trade, so it’s a check you need to do yourself. You’ll be able to find out how this tax check will work in the new year when the government publishes a guide to explain how to complete it.

The licensing authority have to be able to confirm that you’re aware of your tax responsibilities. To complete the tax check you’ll need to be signed up for HMRC Services with a Government Gateway user ID, so you can get a head start by registering at HMRC Online Services. If you’ve already got an ID, sign in to make sure all your current information is correct.


From 4 April 2022 if you do not have a 9-character code to confirm that you’ve completed a tax check yourself then you won’t be given a scrap metal collector licence. Dealing scrap without a valid licence is a criminal offense that can lead to a hefty fine.


If you’re interested in becoming a scrap metal collector, now is the perfect time with metals like aluminium at a decade high value! Collecting scrap can be highly lucrative as long as you do so legally. You can learn more about becoming a licenced scrapper by reading our blog, ‘Where to find scrap metal and how to sell it’, and apply for a mobile collector’s licence to get started.

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