Singletons support sustainability in the construction industry

Singletons are helping the construction industry make changes to reduce its carbon footprint. By offering the best prices for scrap steel, we’re encouraging businesses to reuse and recycle their manufacturing metals.

With over 30 years of scrap metal industry experience, Singletons want to share their knowledge on how to make the most out of your construction materials.

The construction industry has announced changes to help lower emissions and minimise the carbon footprint it produces. The steel and construction industries are estimated to use around 913,000 tonnes of steel in 2024. Once this steel has reached the end of its lifespan or isn’t used up during a project, where does it go? Instead of manufacturing new metal, recycled steel can be used to make tools, wire materials and in the construction of new buildings.

“Along with concrete, plastic, and fertiliser; steel is one of the four supporting pillars of today’s society and a fundamental component of contemporary construction. In response to this sector-wide mission, steelmakers, stockholders, and metal recyclers are all adapting and evolving their offerings to include more sustainable methods of steel production.” says Robert Palmer, General Manager of EMR Reusable Steels.

Singletons supports the initiative by providing skips for manufacturers and industrial businesses to hire in Greater Manchester at affordable rates. This means steel that would otherwise be left unused after its lifespan, can be recycled and made into something new, without you ever leaving your site. We offer skips in sizes from four to 40 yards, with regular delivery and collection slots to ensure you’re always getting the most out of your scrap metal. Singletons want to help you meet your environmental obligations and turn your scrap metal into revenue. Simply order your skip or container, fill it up and we’ll do the rest.

To hire a skip for your steel, or to enquire about prices, contact us today or call 0161 220 8058.


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