Want to Buy or Sell Scrap Metal Online? Think Again…

What can’t you do with just a click of a mouse or a tap of your phone screen these days? Order a pizza? Sorted. Book a plumber? Easy. Watch live webcams from a Norwegian cruise ship? Glad you asked. But can you deal scrap metal online?

Buying scrap metal

Take a quick look at any online classified site like Gumtree and you’ll find dozens of ads for scrap removal services. It’s not surprising – it can be a pretty lucrative way to make some extra cash given the prices that some people will pay for scrap.

But if you’re doing any buying or selling of scrap metal, even online, without the right licenses, you can get into trouble.

A recent case at Salisbury magistrates court saw a woman paying almost £2,000 in fines and court costs for “collecting scrap without a licence and transporting controlled waste without the correct waste carrier’s licence” – the fifth similar prosecution in a row by Wiltshire Council.

Following the ruling, the council highlighted the importance of checking credentials for scrap metal dealers, calling particular attention to those that advertise online, and on social media.

Licensed to buy scrap

It’s ridiculously easy to look the part online, and to set up ads for a scrap metal collection service even if you don’t have the proper license to do so.

So whether you’re thinking of setting up some social media ads to help you buy and sell some scrap metal for extra cash, or have seen such an ad and are thinking of clicking, it might be best to think again.

Unless you have the proper licenses, you shouldn’t buy or collect scrap metal from other people to then sell on. If you’re thinking of selling or giving your scrap to someone who says they’re a dealer, make sure they can show you a license first.

We’re not saying that everyone (or even anyone that we know of!) on Gumtree is breaking the law – we’re just saying you should be careful. And the best way to sell your scrap in complete confidence is to deal with your local scrap metal yard.

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