Get the Best Price on Scrap Metal from Your Local Merchants

There are hundreds of scrap metal merchants and recycling yards across the UK – and indeed well over a dozen in the Greater Manchester area alone. Just about every yard will offer different prices for different kinds of scrap metal, whether you’re selling household junk, old cars, or trade waste.

If you’re willing to shop around, get a few quotes, or drive a bit further afield, you’ll be able to find the best offer for your scrap metal loads – we wouldn’t always recommend going with the first merchant you come across!

Many of these merchants are small, independent and family run, but others are owned by larger companies who run a number of yards – and these may not always give the best price to all kinds of sellers.

In fact, the Competition and Markets Authority recently ruled that one of the UK’s largest scrap metal companies had to sell five of its yards following a merger over competition concerns, as it was “likely to harm competition in a number of areas and there is a material risk that prices for some suppliers and customers could worsen.”

While it would have had a relatively small effect on small businesses and individuals selling scrap metal, there were risks of worse deals for those who sell large volumes of scrap.

At Singleton’s, we’re not owned by a large company – we’ve been family run since the early 80s, which means we’re able to set our own rates.

We give our customers the best prices for scrap metal in Manchester, whether you’re a homeowner cleaning out the attic once every few years, a trades person selling waste from your jobs at the end of every month, or a large company selling scrap to be shredded and recycled weekly or even daily.

You’ll find us in Openshaw, just east of Manchester city centre – so drop with your scrap, or get in touch for more information about your local scrap merchant.

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