New recycling regulations to reform the waste system.

The government have recently announced new regulations that aim to boost recycling rates and protect the environment. Plans are being put in place to change household and business bin collections to a ‘new, simpler common-sense approach’ to recycling.

What are the changes?

In the hopes of ending the confusion about what materials can go in which bin, the recycling bins are being merged. What this means is that households and businesses can bag all recyclable material together – so, plastic, metal, paper and cardboard will go in the same bin. Food waste collections will also increase in England to weekly pick-ups, putting a stop to smelly bins being stuck outside for weeks. For manufacturers, this will allow products and packaging made from multiple materials to be recycled!

The government have also issued stricter guidelines on who can collect and dispose of waste in a bid to tackle criminal activity. They are introducing increased background checks for firms in the recycling and waste industry.

The deputy Director of Waste Regulation at the Environment Agency, Steve Molyneux has said:

“Inappropriately managed waste can have a terrible impact on local communities and nature and undermines investment in the UK by responsible businesses. That’s why we are working to stop waste crime, which is estimated to cost the economy in England £1 billion per year. Reforming the licensing system for carriers, brokers and dealers and introducing mandatory UK-wide digital waste tracking will support people to do the right thing by disposing of their waste correctly.”                                                                  

The regulations are expected to be implemented in 2026.

At Singletons, we are fully licenced to buy and sell scrap metal and handle hazardous waste. We’re also registered with the Environmental Agency. We are happy to answer any questions about scrap metal recycling, please get in touch by calling 0161 220 8058 or email [email protected].

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