How Recycling Scrap Metal Benefits The Environment

There are many benefits to recycling scrap metal, including the potential to earn you some extra cash, or even open up a lucrative additional income stream in your business. Of course, it’s not just the potential to make money that makes recycling your scrap metal such an attractive proposition. Trading metal in at your local scrap yard benefits the environment by diverting more waste from landfill, allowing waste materials to be recycled into something new and reducing the use of virgin materials.

Whether you’re a tradesperson, business owner or homeowner, recycling is no doubt part of your everyday life.  Most of us are used to sorting our paper and plastics and sending them off to be recycled, but perhaps you are unsure of what to do with unwanted metal.

It may seem like a lot of effort to sort through the metal you have and take it to your nearest scrap yard to trade in, but the benefits to the environment (and your wallet!) make it well worth the effort.  Depending how much metal you have to trade in, if you’re based in Manchester you may even be able to arrange for Singleton’s Scrap Metal to deliver a skip and collect it again once you’ve filled it up.


Why recycle scrap metal?

Almost every type of metal can be recycled and re-used to create high-quality products.  With some metals, such as aluminium for example, it actually takes less energy and natural resources to manufacture products from recycled materials as opposed to using virgin materials.

What’s more, according to EU figures, CO2 emissions are reduced by approx. 200 million tonnes a year where recycled raw materials, including metals, are used in manufacturing.  Clearly, recycling scrap metal is extremely important in protecting and preserving the environment!


Not sure how to recycle your scrap metal?

We have a number of blog posts that you can refer to on our website if you’re unsure of what can be recycled and how to dispose of any scrap metal you may have lying around:

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